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NEWS: (Updated December, 2009)

For me, 2009 has been an extremely exciting year. I moved to San Francisco, changed from working for others to working for myself, and travelled all over the world visiting multiple countries over three continents, several for the first time.  As of the end of July 2009, Searchme shutdown, freeing me to explore my own new opportunities. Now active in several startups (details to follow) I am living the life of the self-employeed.

This will be the year I update my website and introduce my blog - so stay tuned for more updates...


An amateur digital photographer, who loves to travel, cook, and wrap my brain around tough problems. Over educated, now at a startup in the heart of Silicon Valley. All three of my degrees are from The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. My PhD is in Computer Science Engineering, where I had the honor to study/work in the University of Michigan AI Laboratory, as part of the EECS Department. I now live out West (California), after spending the majority of my (non-college) life living in the NY metro area.

I can be reached via my personal e-mail address - my first name at first-name last-name.com.  You can figure it out... eric at my domain of ericglover.


My Brother-in-law co-founded a charity dedicated to his father who unfortunately fell victim to the September 11th attacks. The Ira Zaslow Foundation is a not for profit charity that has all kinds of cool events, and is trying to make a difference in the local community. When not fundraising for the foundation, Bryan and my sister are finding jobs for top talent in the fashion industry with JBCStyle a company they founded.

My friend Andrew is doing his part to promote e-commerce, working for Gallery Judaica, which specializes in Jewish Wedding Ketubah and wedding gifts. They also specialize in specialty Hanukkah menorahs. They also have wonderful articles about the various Jewish traditions, including Hanukkah.

My good friend Doug runs a blog. My good friend Aaron runs a Windows Tech Support Business that he created from the ground up. Inìgo specializes in computer forensics and computer security consulting.

Hobbies and interests:

I am a muckraker wanna be, so I bought the domain CorporateIncompetence.com where some day I will get off my butt and put up my rants about companies that suck.

I love to hack (the good kind), and even found a bug in Hotmail (I think they *finally* fixed it). Maybe someday I will get off my butt and create some useful GPL code.  Oh did I mention my favorite programming language is Perl, and I prefer Linux to Windows for anything serious. I recently got into Mac Books, with yet another OS to deal with.

I love to travel! My favorite destinations include Hawaii, Las Vegas, Japan, and of course NYC (but that doesn't count since I used to live there). As I travel, I love to take pictures. Digital photography is my love. I use a Canon T1i and a Canon Powershot SD870is IS. Check out some of my personal favorites.

I also love board and computer games, often hosting board gaming/Wii parties.

When I am not out, I often find myself at home cooking or watching Cooking shows. Check out my recipes. I would personally like to plug for America's Test Kitchen and Christopher Kimball. My personal favorite TV (cooking) personality is Alton Brown .

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